365 – I made it!

Today is the last day of my 365 project. It has been a challenging and at times frustrating experience but overall I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that I know make me a better photographer than I was a year ago. Finding inspiration on a daily basis proved the hardest part, particularly towards the end where the quality varies wildly as I throw myself into major shoots, then scramble to catch up on in-between days. There’s some shots I love and many I hate but I took a shot every day (with a couple of slips where I caught up the next day) and as an overall body of work I am happy with it as a record of my year. So thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the year and those who have worked with me. You are all an intrinsic part of  this project and I would not have completed it without you. So here’s my top 20 from the year (and look out for a 52 project in the coming year…maybe!).

365-day015-034-2-lr 365-day054 014-lr 365-day068-69 003-lr 365-day078 010-2-lr 365-day117 018-lr Tilishia-Nudgee-1012 339-edit2-lr allen-pinkenbah 143-edit-bw-lr DSC_0145-edit2-lr 365-day- 051-edit-bw-lr 365-day-182-183 022-edit-lr 365-day192 070-2-edit-lr 365-day204 012-edit-lr annie-anderson 0189-edit-lr kiah-briggs-0513 179-edit-lr FILE0129-edit-lr 365-day327 031-2-edit-lr DSC_0108-edit-6-lr  DSC_0148-edit-5-lr365-day362 043-edit-2-lr

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