Beacon – colouring and compositing tutorial

A breakdown of how I created my image Beacon. Guides you through the colouring of a black and white image and compositing elements in Photoshop.

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Original image from the Costic─â Acsinte Archive on Flickr Commons.

Skin colour swatches:

More info on “Blend If” modes:

2 thoughts on “Beacon – colouring and compositing tutorial

  1. danette pratt

    thank you for walking through and a giving a great tutorial. I work in Photoshop but have not gone to this detail and complexity…I truly appreciate your excellent skill and thought as you create your art. thank you for inspiration! Danette Pratt

  2. Tine W

    I saw your photos in a Danish magasin today and was blown away by your amazing work. Just watched this video and wanted to thank you for sharing how you work. It was really really interesting to see, how you did the layers. Gosh, I wish a had a talent like that ;-) In stead I draw, paint and photograph. But wish I could take the “next step” like you <3 It must be so much fun. Have a great day. Tine, Denmark


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