The making of Driftwood

There’s a spot just near Nudgee Beach that I’ve been driving past for years and each time I saw it I thought to myself “I must go and check that out”. Well I finally did and I’m so glad I did. It’s definitely a gumboots trip across some marshy grassland to the swamp itself but it’s not far from the road (which is an advantage when you are lugging equipment on your own!).

I went back a week later with a lace top and an old lace curtain. I was lucky and the light was just how I wanted it and on the day I was shooting the water was reasonably clear (if you didn’t stir it up too much). Unlike when I went back a few days later and it looked like this:

365-day351-352 126-lr

Without an assistant (or a model!) I missed out on doing a few things that I had planned but overall I’m happy with the result.

Here’s the original series of shots that I used:

Driftwood WIP


I gave myself a Photoshop makeover and cloned the fabric from the top to cover the legs and gumboots and to match the skirt to the top. Then some gap filling, colour toning, a new sky overlay, a couple of texture overlays and voila!



There’s much I learned from this shoot and a few things I’d do differently or would like to try with more available hands so keep an eye out for an upcoming shoot at the same location. ;)

Selected images now in the Getty Collection

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to find an invitation to upload images to the Getty Collection. I’ve toyed with the idea of joining a stock library before but wasn’t really sure where to start and was a bit intimidated by the approval process. In the end I decided not to put any of the portraits they had chosen up, not only because it meant getting new model releases (in some cases they were photos of me so that would have been easy), but because Getty asks for exclusive licenses for the images and I’m hoping to sell some of them myself somewhere down the track. So for now here’s some of the images you will find in the Getty Collection:

365-day007 019-lr 365-day015-034-2-lr 365-day048 030-lr 365-day060 012-lr 365-day313 024-edit-lr 365-day341-344-030-edit-lr DSC_0009-edit-lr 365-day265-267 022-edit-lr